Clinical Research Centre

Aims and Objectives

Research Centre

Generate new knowledge and disseminate the best practices in clinical research, health economics and public health in vision sciences through big data.

Clinician Scientists

Create a pool of trained clinician scientists with expertise at the intersection of the above domains.

Training Centre

Develop a training centre for clinicians to assess and perform research, evaluate cost-effectiveness, and analyze big data.

IHOPE will have three primary focus areas: Big Data analysis, Health Economics and Clinical and Public Health Research. The large clinical data available with LVPEI for the last 30 years, including data from remote rural areas through LVPEI’s primary health centres will drive the research at IHOPE.

The LVPEI Network famously known as the LVPEI pyramid​​

The in-house EyeSmartTM Electronic Medical Record system, implemented across the LVPEI network enabling the digitization of 5 million patient consults,  will be leveraged for big data analysis forming the backbone of IHOPE. While the big data analysis of health data can help us answer important clinical and public health research questions in eye health, data mining for economic related information in EyeSmart will allow us to address relevant questions in health economics like cost-effectiveness of interventions and patient reported outcomes.

Research at IHOPE will focus on these primary areas to begin with:

Through focus on research and training, the center strives to achieve the following outcomes in its first 5 years of operations: