The objective is to roll out online courses to train a larger pool of clinicians in areas relevant to IHOPE. We aim to build on LVPEI as well as IIPH and IIMA’s expertise and experience in running training courses and thus translate our strength into a professional education program in this field.


Course Introduction:

The course on “Clinical and Public Health Research for eyecare professionals” is an introductory course for eyecare and allied healthcare professionals to better understand the concepts in public health eyecare and research. It consists of video lectures and suggested readings which will give a holistic understanding of research and its applications in eyecare.

What you will Learn:

There are seven modules to this course

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Types of Study Designs
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Basics of Biostatistics
  • Parametric and non- parametric tests
  • Interpretation of Clinical trials Beyond p-value
  • Using EXCEL for research


  • Students are expected to complete the course within three months of enrollment
  • Self-paced learning 

Learning Outcomes

  • Help students develop essential knowledge and skills in public health research by integrating epidemiology and biostatistics.
  • Define epidemiology and apply the basic epidemiological methods in public health in eye care
  • Evaluate the statistical methods used to analyze a range of epidemiological studies.
  • Help in interpreting and assessing the evidence quality of a range of study designs.


  • This course is free 
  • At a nominal fee the students have an option of getting a certificate from IHOPE